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Price $0 $10/Month $49/Month
Social Accounts Twitter Facebook linkedin Google Plus hackernews 3 total 10 total 100 total
Users 1 1 20
Auto Scheduled posts (at a time) 10 100 Unlimited
Custom Scheduled posts (at a time) 5 100 Unlimited
Video, Image (gif, jpg, png, etc) check_circle check_circle check_circle
Calendar View check_circle check_circle check_circle
Social Analytics check_circle check_circle check_circle
Advanced Sorting & Filtering check_circle check_circle check_circle
Browser Extension check_circle check_circle check_circle
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Enterprise Plan

If you need a larger plan please contact us at [email protected] to discuss our enterprise pricing and support.

Questions & Answers

What Social Accounts can I use with Broadcast?
Currently we support Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Hacker News. We plan to have more accounts in the future at no extra cost.
Do you offer a Free Trial for Paid Plans?
Yes, there is 14 day trial period on all of our paid plans. If you cancel your paid account within that timeframe you will not be charged.
What if I need to cancel my account?
Simply email us at [email protected] before the trial period has completed and notify us that you’d like to cancel your existing account.
How do you access my social media accounts?
Most of our integrations utilize OAuth services offered by the various social providers. If you've ever gone through a "Sign in with Facebook" flow, you've used OAuth. It's a secure way for Users like you to give companies like us revocable, limited access to your accounts and data.
How will you use my social media accounts? Can I remove your access?
We will only use your accounts to actually post content, to check on how that content is performing, or to gather meta information such as followers, etc. We will not post anything on these accounts that did not come directly from you or a team member. You can easily remove any connected accounts from Broadcast at any time.
Does the Chrome Extension work with Free plans?
Yes, our Chrome Extension works for all our plans, including the Free Plan. Use it to conveniently schedule or save content that you discover around the web.
What are Auto Scheduled Posts?
Auto Scheduled posts are posts that are placed into a queue and automatically scheduled to launch at key times throughout the day/week. This way you do not have to choose a specific time for every post.
What are Custom Scheduled Posts?
Custom Scheduled posts are posts that you have created with a specific launch date and time. This is useful if there is some specific timing that you want a post to go out, such as "7am on the Monday of the big conference week".
What are Draft Posts?
Draft posts are posts that you have created that do not have a launch time yet. You can use this status to save posts that you are still working on, aren't sure when you want to post, or just want to save for later.